ROUTE R1 - Sanctuaries of natural beauty and christianity



The Moldavia province from Romania includes the most religious areas - Bucovina and Neamt. During the centuries in small but very beautiful churches simple people and important rulers prayed and continue to pray to Good. After centuries of wars, the local life still in harmony with nature, preserving the traditions, folklore and honesty. We invite you to feel the soul of the areas, to understand their traditions, to relax, to walk in green lands, to taste the local food and drinks, and to visit the most important natural and art's monuments from Moldavia and Bucovina, also Bucharest city, the Romanian capital. After a short tour in Bucharest city, spend the night in train to Iassy (Iasi) city, the former capital of Moldavia province, an important university and cultural centre, then visit some less know sights, like Cotnari vineyard, older then 500 years, Zosin monastery, Popauti monastery. From Suceava we start to visit the renewed medieval art monument from Bucovina, Dragomirna, Putna, Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet and Humor. Spend a day trekking in beautiful Rarau mountains, follow deep Bistrita valley to Neamt area where many other important monasteries are: Neamt, Secu, Sihastria, Agapia and Varatec. Then, on Bicaz valley visit the large Bicaz lake and deepest from Carpathian gorges - Bicaz gorges. You are our guest in this trip in Romania.



Route by days

Km no. on road

Trekking route




Bucharest short city tour - night train to Iasi city

480 km



Hotel Astoria or Moldova (three stars) in Iasi city


Iasi city tour - visit environs

110 km+

Repedea hill (20 min.) about 1 km



Hotel Astoria or Moldova (three stars) in Iasi city


Iasi city - Cotnari wineyard - Botosani town – Suceava town – Radauti town – Putna monastery

260 km+

walking in centre of Botosani town – 20min.



Rural pension (three stars) in Putna village


Putna monastery - Sucevita monastery - Manastirea Humorului - Voronet monastery - Moldovita monastery

230 km+

In cart with horse power 8 km and 3 or 4 hours hiking (10 km)



Rural pension (three stars) in Voronet - Moldovita area


Moldovita monastery – Rarau mountains

100 km+

Rarau mountains – 4 hours hiking (14km)



Mountain hut (two stars) in Rarau mountains



Rarau mountains - Bistrita valley – Neamt monastery

180 km+

Rarau mountains – 1 hour hiking (3 km)
River rafting on Bistrita river (2 hours)



Rural pension in Neamt area


Neamt monastery – Stanisoarei mountains – Targu Neamt town – Varatec monastery - Lacu Rosu resort

280 km+

Stanisoara mountains – 20 min. 1,5 km
Biking in Neamt Monastery area. (6 - 8 km)



Hotel Iasicon or Hotel Lacu Rosu (two+ stars)


Lacu Rosu town – Pangarati monastery – Piatra Neamt town - Bucharest city

460 km

walking in Lacu Rosu and Bicaz gorges area



Hotel in Bucharest

9. Bucharest city tour 50 km walking in old centre of the town



Hotel in Bucharest


Bucharest city - airport

40 km




Recommended period: from second part of April to 10 October

Booking period:

  period prices for 20 - 24 people for 10 - 15 people for minimum 5 people for minimum 2 people
1. 26.04 - 05.05 675 Euro 796 Euro 995 Euro 1460 Euro
2 31.05 - 09.06 675 796 995 1460
3 21.06 - 30.06 680 800 1000 1470
4 05.07 - 14.07 680 800 1000 1470
5 02.08 - 11.08 680 800 1000 1470
6 30.08 - 08.09 675 796 995 1460

Duration: 10 days
Level: easy
Prices* :
for special groups please contact us at

Suppliment for single room: 140 Euro/person

Access and visitor taxes: 40 Euro/person payable in first day in Romania.

include: accommodation in good condition in hotels and rural houses - rooms with two beds inside, shower, WC, transport by train, mini-bus and other local vehicles; luggages transport during trekking route; local guides; national guide services, transfer to&from the Bucharest or other important cities from Romania; collective equipment; breakfast and dinner.
do not include: meals other than those stated as included; all type of insurance, other taxes and fees, phone calls, drinks; hotel porterage; tips for personal services; individual trekking equipment.

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Day 1: International airport - Bucharest city sight tour - transfer by night train to Iassy city

Transfer from international airport Otopeni (or Baneasa) to Bucharest city, the largest city in Romania. Short tour of the city. Visit "The Village Museum " or " The Peasant Museum " and the centre of the city. Transfer by night train to the capital of Moldavia province, Iassy city.

Accommodation in hotel in Iassy city by three stars, in double, guide services, dinner in Bucharest and breakfast in hotel in Iassy, visitor taxes, transport by mini-bus and night train, Bucharest city tour

Day 2: Iassy city tour - Iassy environs - short trekking on Repedea hill (aprox. 30 min.)

In Iassy city and environs we visit: Mitropolitan Cathedral - the largest in Romania, Trei Ierarhi monastery, and The Culture Palace - an impressive building with many museums inside, Golia monastery with valuable paintings inside, Copou hill full of parks. Outside Iasi visit: Cetatuia monastery and Bucium hill, where is the largest view to the city and environs. Short hiking tour on Repedea plateau.

Accommodation in hotel by three stars, in double, breakfast at hotel, dinner in Bolta Rece restaurant (or similar), guide service, visitor taxes, transport by mini-bus, Iassy city tour,

Day 3: Iassy city - Cotnary vineyard - Cosula monastery - Botosani town - Suceava town - Dragomirna monastery - Radauti town - Putna monastery

From Iassy to Cotnari vineyard, older then 500 years, enjoy the Cotnary wine, visit Zosin monastery. In Botosani town visit Popauti monastery from XV century with original paintings, and the centre of the town. We cross the hill and Siret river to the former capital of Moldavia from middle eve. There visit The Saint Ioan cel Nou monastery and ruins of Suceava fortress from XIV century. Close to Suceava is beautiful Dragomirna monastery from XVII century ( UNESCO patrimony ), then visit Patrauti church with valuable inside and outside paintings from XV century. Radauti town is a clean Bucovinean town with many interesting sites, like Bogdana monastery from XIV century and the Orthodox Cathedral. The day trip is finish in Putna village, inside Orientali Carpathian mountains.

Accommodation in rural pension in good condition (three stars) in double in Putna village. Breakfast in Iassy at hotel and dinner in Putna, in pension; guide service; visitor taxes; transport by mini-bus.

Day 4: Putna monastery - trekking in Obcinele Bucovinei mountains (about 4 hours) - Sucevita monastery – Cacica salt mine – trekking in Obcina Mare mountains (about 1 hour) - Humor monastery - Voronet monastery - Moldovita monastery

Visit the Putna monastery built in XV century ( UNESCO - patrimony ), the wood church from the cemetery and the sanctum of the Holy Daniil Sihastru. Cross Obcina Mare mountains through large forest to Sucevita village. Use also a cart (about 4 hours, easy trekking). In Sucevita visit one of the most beautiful churches in Romania, preserving inside and outside paintings - Sucevita monastery ( UNESCO -patrimony ). We cross beautiful landscapes to Arbore church ( UNESCO patrimony ), then visit a salt mine in Cacica built by Romanian and Polish minority. Humor monastery is very important sights in our day trip - Built in XVI century, preserve amazing inside and outside frescoes. ( UNESCO patrimony ). Voronet and Moldovita monasteries are also important cultural sights. Built in XV and painted in XVI century, preserve amazing inside and outside frescoes, unique in the world, both UNESCO patrimony.

Accommodation in rural pension in good condition (three stars) in Humor area, breakfast in Putna and dinner in Moldovita area.

Day 5:Moldovita monastery – Campulung Moldovenesc resort – trekking in Rarau mountains

We follow the picturesque Moldova valley inside the Carpathian Mountains to Campulung Moldovenesc resort when we start the ascension on marks paths the legendary Rarau mountain (4 - 5 hours easy hiking). At over 1600 m alt. we have a great view to Carpathian Mountains and the "Pietrele Doamnei" rocks

Accommodation in Rarau Alpine hut (two stars) in good condition.

Day 6: Trekking in Rarau mountains (about 1 hour) - Rarau Ermitage - Bistrita valley - Izvorul Muntelui Lake - Neamt monastery

Trekking in Rarau mountains, visit the picturesque Rarau hermitage (about 1,5 hour) and then descending in deep Bistrita valley where everything is ready for river rafting on Bistrita river (2 hours including instructor and full equipment). Then we take our mini-bus and follow the valley trough riches mountain villages to Izvorul Muntelui lake. After a halt we cross the Stanisoarei afforested ridge to Neamt area, to another very reaches area in art monuments- churches and monasteries, fortresses and folklore. We spend the evening in Neamt monastery area. Built from XV century by great Moldavian ruler Stephan the Great (Stefan cel Mare), is a large and important monastery, including many other church and hermitages from environs, a medieval museum, a library and a prestigious orthodox seminary for young boys.

Accommodation in a guest house very close to the Neamt monastery in good conditions, breakfast in Rarau Alpine hut and dinner in Neamt monastery.

Day 7: Neamt monastery - Neamt fortress - Secu monastery - Sihastria monastery - Sihla monastery - Agapia monastery - Varatec monastery - Bicaz lake - Lacu Rosu resort

In the morning make a biking tour to some beautiful ermitages around Neamtu monastery (1,5 hours). Our tour include a visit to Neamt fortress, an impressive fortress from XIV century built on a mountain, offer large view to environs. After other important monasteries like Secu and Sihastia monasteries, from XVII and respective XVIII centuries, ascending on a poor road to Sihla hermitage, where we make a short walk trough forest to Saint Teodora Grotto (about 30min.), descending to large and renowned Agapia monastery with valuable inside paintings - here is an orthodox seminary. Close to Agapia is Varatec monastery from XVIII century. Inside Carpathian mountains we have a large view to Izvorul Muntelui lake and Ceahlau mountain, the highest from Moldavia province. After we cross the deepest gorges from Carpathian - Bicaz gorges we arrive in the evening in Lacu Rosu resort.

Accommodation in hotel in Lacu Rosu resort in mini hotel by two stars in good condition, breakfast in Neamt monastery and dinner in Lacu Rosu resort.

Day 8: Lacu Rosu resort - Piatra Neamt town - Pangarati monastery - Bistrita monastery – Bucharest city

From Lacu Rosu our way descend to Piatra Neamt town, a quiet and tidy town surrounded by afforested mountains. Visit Pangarati monastery from XVI century, in a picturesque are, preserve valuable Byzantine wood icons from XV century. From Piatra Neamt town on fast roads we return to Bucharest city.

Accommodation in Bucharest city in hotel by three stars, breakfast in Lacu Rosu restaurant and dinner in Bucharest.

Day 9: Bucharest city tour

Our city tour in Bucharest start with a visit to Peasant Museum from north part of Bucharest. In 1996 this museum was awarded with “The Best European Museum”. You can bay from here quality souvenirs. Cross Victoria square on Calea Victoriei, a representative road in Bucharest, then visit the Parliament Palace the second large building on Earth (after Pentagon from US). This building was made in communism for Ceausescu president by poor Romanian’s workers with 100% Romanian products. In Romania about 80% of the population is Orthodox, a good reason to make a tour to Patriarchy Cathedral on Mitropolitan hill. Universitatii square is a very important place for recent history. There is the Bucharest University – the biggest in Romania and the National Theatre. We return to the old part of the city - Lipscani, to spend time to discover, old churches, people and shops. Many streets and buildings representative for this city are similar with many from Paris. By the way this city is known also with surname “Little Paris”. In the end of the day our guide will invite you in a restaurant to spend the last evening in Bucharest with us.

Breakfast at hotel and dinner in traditional restaurant from centre of Bucharest; accommodation in Bucharest in hotel by three stars: Euro Hotel International, Hotel Ambasador, or similar.

Day 10: Bucharest city - transfer to international airport Otopeni (or Baneasa)

Free time in the city and then transfer from Bucharest to international airport. End of the Route R1.

Breakfast at hotel.