Active routes inside Romania

for season 2007

ACTIV TRAVEL - ROMANIA - tour operator for active people

Outdoor & cultural aspects in Romania for everyone


Route R1: Sanctuaries of natural beauty and Christianity - 10 days - start from 675 Euro/person

Dedicate to Moldavia Province from North-East Romania including Iassy city the ancient capital of Moldavia, surrounded by vineyards and woods, the great outside painted monasteries from North Moldavia - Bucovina (UNESCO - patrimony) and Neamt area with beautiful monasteries and landscapes. Climb some picturesque mountains from Orientali Carpathian. Spend nights in rural houses and taste the local food, wine and brandy ( 100% natural). Include a city tour in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.


Route R2: Romanian's cities walking tour - 9 days - start from 640 Euro/person

We want to invite you for a walk in the most interesting part of Romania's towns. You will be amazed by diversity and complexity of architectonic styles and day by day citizens live. Our tour include walking in Vallachian, Transylvanian and Moldavia typical towns with professional tour guides, accommodation and dinner in some of the most representative locations.


Route R4: Dracula and his time - 10 days - start from 660 Euro/person

Dracula the famous vampire was a Valachian ruler. There are many travel offers about Dracula in Romania. Our route is a combination between the legendary Dracula - the vampire and the brave Valachian ruler from XV-th century. Is a route with many Middle Age sights from Vallachian and Transylvania, including also great hiking routes in some of the most beautiful Carpathian's Mountains and Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu city tours.


Route R5: Bucovina and Maramures lands - 8 days - start from 610 Euro/person

Is a tour in North Romania in two very picturesque areas - Bucovina and Maramures. From outside painted church from Bucovina to wood church from Maramures is a great variety of folklore, landscapes and people. We spend one day for a ride with an ancient mountain train inside Maramures Mountains in a beautiful and spectacular area.


Route R6: 6 days tour in Romania - 6 days - start from 450 Euro/person
Real adventure in the spectacular places and some cultural&folkloric aspects

Hiking and Speo tour in Romania

Route H1: Hiking in Meridionali Carpathian

The highest and wildest part of Romanian Carpathian's - 12 days - start from 765 Euro/pax

This is a route dedicate to active people with some hiking skills. Start from former royal resort - Sinaia, will cross beautiful and spectacular mountains, visit castles, fortress and monasteries in Transylvania and Oltenia backwoods.

Route H2: Hiking in Orientali Carpathian

This is more an exploring then a classic hiking route! - 12 days - start from 794 Euro/pax

This route cross Orientali Carpathian from North to South and visit the great tourism areas from Romania. We hike in wild mountains and visit back-country villages, monasteries and fortresses. This tour want's to be some of the most beautiful hiking tour in Romania.

Rock climbing in Carpathian's


1. Route C1: Rock climbing tour in Carpathian's! A tour to the main climbing areas in Romanian Carpathian’s - 14 days - start from 700 Euro/person

A tour in the most frequented rock climbing areas in Romania. You can try on safety routes different areas, different type of rocks and technique. Recommended for compact groups and organizations.


2. Route C2: Rock climbing tour - Activ Travel climbers team recommendations - 10 days - start from 570 Euro/person

Some of our favorite rock climbing routes .

Winter hiking and mountaineering in Romania


3. Route W1: Winter travel to Neamt monasteries and hiking to the haughty Ceahlau Mountain - 8 days - start from 620 Euro/pers.

Discover Romania in winter! Safety routes accessible by anyone with some hiking experience and suitable equipment.

Active tour accommodation

Our attention after a full day of active tour is to offer you accommodation and meal in good conditions respecting the local traditions.

Your accommodation will be in hotels and rural houses by middle class in good conditions and in the most beautiful places from Romania.
The rooms are two beds inside, also bathroom.

Appetizing Romanian's meal.

In every day on the dinner you will have the pleasure to taste Romanian gastronomy.

Tour guide rental for group and individual

Personalized tours for special groups


Prices for tour guide rental:

(include: guide rental english speaker, guide accommodation in hotel less then three stars, lunch)

60 Euro/day - for group less then 6 people

65 Euro/day - for group by 7-10 people

70 Euro/day - for group by 11 - 20 people

75 Euro/day - for group by 21 - 30 people

Prices are for minimum 3 days rental.

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