Route H1 - Hiking in Meridionali Carpathians

The central part of the Romanian Carpathian is an impressive and spectacular area. Many peaks are over 2500 m altitude and rise from picturesque glacial lakes. There are a large diversity of hiking paths also cable-cars make an easy access to the top. At first we cross the most visited mountain from all Carpathian - Bucegi mountains during high plateaus, descending to well know Bran castle ( Dracula Castle ), then visit the famous limestone ridge of Piatra Craiului mountain, ascending Transylvanian Alps - Fagaras mountains, the highest in Romania. Olt and Jiu narrows are ready to be explored including some old fortress, monasteries and caves. Many Romanian hikers recommend Retezat Mountains like the most picturesque mountain from Romania. We find here high ridges over 2500m alt, great number of glacial lakes and beautiful meadows and woods. The last stop in this tour will be Herculane area on Cerna valley, a limestone area hiding caves, gorges, thermal springs and a reach vegetation and fauna.



Time: 12 days

Difficulty: Require hiking experience, a good health and individual equipment (hiking boots for three seasons, warm clothes, rain cap and jacket)!

  period prices for 20 - 24 people for 10 - 15 people for minimum 5 people for minimum 2 people
1. Jun - Sept 2007 765 Euro 892 Euro 1120 Euro 1554 Euro

Suppliment for single room: 140 Euro/person

Access and visitor taxes: 40 Euro/person payable in first day in Romania.

The prices include: accommodation in hotels (5 nights), rural houses (4 nights) in good conditions, tourist huts in basic condition (2 nights), breakfast and dinner; guide services, access taxes, luggage's transfer during trekking route, transfer to Bucharest or other important cities from Romania, professional tour guide.
do not include: lunch, all type of insurance, other taxes and fees, individual equipment.

*the travel companies interested to work with us are invited to contact us


Daily tour

Day 1: Bucharest airport - Sinaia resort

Transfer from international airport to Sinaia resort - the Romanian royal resort, a charming resort including Peles and Pelisor castles.

Dinner and accommodation in hotel in Sinaia

Day 2: Sinaia resort - hiking in Bucegi mountains to Piatra Arsa and Babele huts (about 4:30 - 5 hours)

From Sinaia hiking inside Bucegi mountains to Babele hut at over 2200m. alt. Amazing view to this part of Carpathian including Baiului mountain from Orientali Carpathians (see route H2 ). Near Babele hut are famoses "Babele de Bucegi" (huget toadstools rocks) and "Sfinxul" (a rock sugesting a human face) made by wind, rain and snow. After your lunch we can make a free optional tour to Caraiman peak to see all Prahova valley and many mountains from Orientali Carpathians.

Breakfast at hotel in Sinaia resort. Dinner and accommodation in Babele hut in basic condition.

Day 3: Hiking in Bucegi mountain from Babele hut to Bran village (6-7 hours)

Early in the morning hike on main Bucegi ridge to the higgest peak - Omu (2505m alt.) Depend on the weather our way continue to Scara peak or descend directly to Gaura valley. In the afternoon we are in Bran area close to Dracula Castle. Non the less this hike is a longway, but seems to be one of the most beautiful from our tour.

Breakfast at Babele hut. Dinner and accommodation are in rural house in Bran area. (In this day are no places to take lunch - be prepared for picknic).

Day 4: Bran area - optional easy hiking in Piatra Craiului (2 hours) - Fagaras land - Fagaras mountains.

Piatra Craiului mountain is a huge white limestone ridge over 2200m altitude with difficult paths. In the afternoon we cross on mini coach the Persani mountains (from Orientali Carpathian) to Fagaras land and Fagaras mountains.

Breakfast in rural house in Bran village. Dinner and accommodation in Balea Cascada hotel or Balea Lac hut in good conitions..

Day 5: Hiking inside Fagaras mountains (5 hours)

We are inside Fagaras mountains, the higgest and most impresive mountains from Romania. After a short visit to Balea Waterfall, ascending to Balea Lac at over 2100m alt., hiking to beautiful Capra glacial lake and Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak (2507m alt.) the highest point from our tour in Meridionali Carpathian. On clear days we can see a large part of Transylvania and all the Fagaras main peaks, including the highest from Romania - Moldoveanu peak (2544m alt.).

Breakfast, dinner and accommodation in Fagaras Mountain hut in good condition.

Day 6: Fagaras mountains - Olt valley - North Oltenia (Horezu Monastery, Muierii cave) - Jiu narrow - Lainici monastery - Rusu complex from Parang mountains.

Leave Fagaras mountain on mini coach to beautiful lanscapes from North Oltenia, a place with many beautiful monasteries and friendly people. Visit Muierilor cave, then inside deep and spectacular Jiu narrow we arrive in Parang mountains to Rusu complex.

Breakfast in Fagaras mountain in hut, dinner and accommodation in Rusu complex in hut in good condition.

Day 7: Rusu complex - Bolii cave - Hateg land - Retezat mountains

From Jiu valley cross a part of Sureanu mountains and visit here Bolii cave (Is more a tunnel then a cave) continue on Strei valley inside Hateg Land. These are many important art monuments like one of the oldest fortresses and churches from Romania. Retezat mountains are impressive with granite summits over 2500m and scores of scores of glacial lakes. These are the largest (Bucura lake) and the deepest (Zanoaga lake) glacials lakes from Romanian Carpathian. We spend the evening on Carnic or Pietrele hut (or Rausor hut) inside Retezat mountains.

Breakfast in Rusu complex, dinner and accommodation (basic condition) in hut in Retezat mountains

Day 8: Hiking in Retezat mountain (6 - 7 hours)

Hiking from Pietrele hut to Retezat peak (2482m alt.) and return on Lolaia ridge. Amazing lanscapes from Retezat peak to Retezat "rock land". Or we can make a tour to glacials lakes (much easy).

Breakfast, dinner and accommodation (basic condition) in Retezat mountains (In this day are no places to take lunch - be prepared for picknic).

Day 9: Retezat mountain - Hateg land - Sarmisegetusa Regia fortress - Timis valley - Baile Herculane resort

Leave Retezat mountains area then cross Hateg land witht Densus church from XIII century and Sarmisegetusa Regia fortress from Poiana Rusca mountains (Occidentali Carpathian). In the afternoon we arrive on Cerna valley to Herculane spa. Spend time relaxing in thermal baths and walking on Cerna valley.

Breakfast in Retezat mountains, dinner and accommodation in hotel in Baile Herculane spa.

Day 10: Walking on Cerna valley to see beautiful and spectacular canyons and caves (4 hours).

Optional: rock climbing in Cerna area (minimum 2 hours) - 8 Euro/pers. for minimum 4 people.

Breakfast, dinner and accommodation in Baile Herculane resort.

Day 11: Baile Herculane spa - Danube river - Orsova town - Drobeta-Turnu Severin - Craiova town - Bucharest city

After charming Cerna area we go to Danube river and Orsova town. This is the biggest hydropower plant and lake from Danube. In this part was built by the famos Roman achitect Apolodor from Damasc a rock bridge over Danube. The only thing remain from this bridge is a bankseat on the bank. Leave Meridionali Carpathian and return to Bucharest city crossing few important town like Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Craiova.

Breakfast in Baile Herculane spa, dinner at resaurant and accommodation at hotel in Bucharest city.

Day 12: Bucharest city - free time in the city - international airport

Free time in the main town of Romania and transfer to international airport.

Breakfast in Bucharest.